Monday, December 10, 2007

Kittens, Knitting, College, and Carat

I'm going to say that I am 22 as I turn 22 in three days. There are some who call me Carat, among a plethora of other names. Plethora is one of my favorite words, it just looks so cool and sounds better than " a lot." I'm originally from Houston, Texas but currently reside in a teeny tiny town called Waxahachie, Texas where I attend a teeny tiny community college called Navarro.
I enjoy reading a variety of mediums, from classical literature to fashion magazines, and just about every stop in between. I am a fan of film, in particular I like any movie that makes me smile.
My grandmother has been teaching me to knit and crochet over the past few months, and I've figured out how to make scarves. My current knitting projects include scarves for most of the family for Christmas, blankets for a couple of my aunts, and baby hats and socks for a friend of mine that recently had a little girl named Skylar. I think I might actually crochet the blankets since Grams spent the afternoon rambling at me while I figured out how to crochet a single crochet so that the piece stays square.
Of course I can't introduce my self with out including the two furballs that make my life interesting. Aerin is my 7 month old kitten. Her full name is Aerin Stockings Kelly, and I tend to call her Stinky Butt, I am sure you can infer... She loves: to sit on anything I am trying to read, attack paper coming out of the printer, play with any article of clothing I put on take off or attempt to fold, and she often brings me kitty toys (in lieu of birds or mice) while I'm sleeping. Baby Kitty is my dad's 13 pound long haired black cat, his real name is Erful (don't ask me, Grams did it) though no one calls him that. My favorite nickname for him is Fat Butt, because Stinky Butt and Fat Butt go together quite well. His favorite things to do are: opening the bathroom door anytime I go in there, making me chase him around trying to get him back into the house, knocking things off of any flat surface, and attacking my ankles as I walk down the hallway. Despite the fact that they drive me crazy, I love them 'cause they are cats and that is what you are supposed to do.

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