Monday, March 31, 2008

What do I do when I can't sleep?

Teach my self new knitting techniques of course!

Last night I made this little guy:

Yes, you are looking at my first ever attempt at intarsia knitting. Next up is fairisle, then I should probably learn to cable.

Since I was still very awake and in need of something to do I started working on these:

Super easy, super quick. Pattern can be found here

Much love from Carat land!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Formalist

This week for recommended reading I've got a group of poets that I discovered through The Writing Show

So click on over to The New Formalist and enjoy. I also recommend listening to the show I linked, Joseph S. Salemi reads a handful of his poems that aren't on the site.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I never did quite get the hang of Thursdays

Thursday's are still for things that drive me crazy, so this week it's Accidentally driving to Oklahoma.

It's been more than a week since I did it, but I'm still irritated that I ended up in Oklahoma. I was there for a whopping three minutes, and swearing the entire time, but still...

On a random note I accidentally stepped on Baby earlier, so be warned, black cats in dark hallways are invisible.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been out...

Ok, so I've been back from Avery from a week and haven't posted so here is a run down of the past week+:

+Little cousin Colton is 6 months old and adorable
+Grandma's big freezer broke down, thank God!
+Taught Taylor(10 year old cousin - girl) to cast on and do a knit stitch
+Accidentally drove to Oklahoma while trying to come home, and was pissed.

+Finished the French Market bag
+Camera gave up the ghost so you will not be getting pictures of anything for a while yet.
+Got a lot of work done on the Green and Black Afghan
+Cast on criss cross garter
+Cast on white scarf for Grams/Peggy
+Soy Socks!
+Went to the Shabby Sheep, and loved it. I'm going to try and drop in sometime for PJs and Purls
+Made a seed stitch scarf for Grandma out of the bamboo yarn (originally it was for me, but I thought she would like it so I gave it to her)
+Made a bib for Colton

+Made a B on the Western Civ mid term
+Now have to write 4 research papers (hence being on the internet...)

+Am currently back logged with research papers and other school stuff, eventually I will get some fun(ha!) writing done.

+I still don't have one ;)

We should be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Much love from Carat land!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I should be packing...

But instead I've been looking up Avenue Q videos on YouTube. Of course this led me to the Avenue Q website, which led me to their upcoming shows page, which led to the discovery that


Had to be done that way. Right now I don't give a rats ass about packing, I just want to get my grubby little ands on a pair of tickets. Melly and I are so there, even if we have to kill someone to get in.

Oh my my my...

Happy list!

*Sale yarn, Bernat Soy skeins for a buck a pop.
*Russell, and his backwards sleeping schedule which makes him available for rondom conversation at 1 am
*A's on Government tests
*Good books

Since it's technically Thursday, and Thursdays are for things that drive me crazy:
Passing out for 6 hours, waking up at 9 pm and still being up at 2:30 when I have a test at 8 am

and since I'm driving to Avery on Friday:

Recommended Reading

Kate Chopin's "The Storm"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spazzy like Jazzy, but without the huge knickers.

This week I wrote two scenes which I will never actually use, except as an FYI kind of thing. It felt good to get them into a word processor. I know the story is there, because I am crazy enough to have this living breathing completely imaginary person wandering about in my head. She is so vivid that I can't help but write her down, share her with someone who does not have the pleasure of frequenting the inside of my day dreams.
She and I are alike yet unlike each other. Our looks are completely divergent, her rich brown eyes and my hazels have little in common. She does not speak the way I do, but I find my self slipping further into her dialect. Right now I am the only person in the world that believes her to be real. There she is in my head, jeans, t shirt, and a pair of cowboy boots that hurt like hell when she wants to kick her way out. It's like having a baby, with my brain. It hurts like hell, but I can't help my self.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Duct Tape is kinky, don't ask me why.

I missed yesterday so:

Rage of the Week!

From Tuesday March 4

"Note To Self:

Sign up to be an orgasm donor
Freeze a few eggs until I'm ready?No.
Freeze a few men until they're ready?Yes!
Always use birth control - never use mirth control!"

The last bit was kind of eh, mirth control? but I liked the rest of it.

and for the Knitting Update:
I didn't get a whole hell of a lot done this week. I finished the pine needle gloves and worked about a foot and a half of Tin's scarf. I also created a pattern that involved way too much thinking, but that's relative because I was drunk at the time.

Next week I'm heading to the middle of freaking no where for spring break, so if I don't post it's because I have no internet connection.

Saturday, March 8, 2008



This on top of a new WWfW makes me a very happy Carat!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Reccomended Reading!

I figured I would kick this regularly scheduled event off with my favorite short story. "The Last Question" by Issac Asimov. I love this story for many many reasons, but I think you should go here and figure it out why for your self. If you want to talk to me about the story shoot me an email at

Happy Reading, and Much Love from Carat Land!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursdays are for things that drive me crazy!

This week it is the Ravelry waiting list. I joined the waiting list on the 26th of February, and have been checking my place in line religiously.

In the mean time I'm itching to try out the Bernat Bamboo Yarn I picked up on a whim yesterday. I only grabbed one skein as I have no idea how it will knit, and I don't want to try to make a project out of a yarn that is a pain in the ass to knit. The yarn is 89%Bamboo, 11% Acrylic and very pet-able. I shall resist it's shiny pull at my needles until I've got some of the other stuff done however.

Speaking of getting stuff done I finished the pine needle fingerless gloves last night, and wore them today. I still have two and a half skeins of that yarn left, so I think I will make a hat and scarf to match.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy List Time!

Yes ladies and gents I am posting something on schedule!
So with out further ado, 5 random things that make me happy:

*Finding a patternthat uses two techniques I want to learn more about, but also utilizes yarn that is already in my stash.

*Laughing at random because I have been over caffeinated.

*Learning that the incredibly awesome Russell some how became an alternate delegate for his precinct.

*Turning off all of the squiggly crap in MS Word so that I can just write, and not turn around to fix things every 20 seconds.

*Egg timers, and book cases.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two Two Two Updates in one!

Knitting Update!
This week I got a ton of work done on my Green and Black Afghan, there is still a bunch more work to go, but it is supposed to take a long time, it's a freaking blanket.

I also worked quite a bit on my French Market bag. I only need 2 1/2 inches of the round part before I start knitting the handles.

I casted on a scarf for Tin made of Pattons Classic Marino in Chestnut Brown.

Tomorrow I will finish up the second pine-needle fingerless glove.

I'm working on a new technique for making hats, as soon as I have it figured out I will cast on a hat for Barker. In the meantime I'm keeping an eye out for blue, orange, and white yarn that feels good.

When I get all of the small projects done I plan on playing some more with color, I would really like to figure out intarsia and stranding(fairisle.)

Writing Update!

I wrote 10 pages this week, and got a crap load of research done; I now know more about the anatomy of a horse's foreleg than I ever expected to know.

In other news I was voter 111 in precinct 111 here in Texas. I found that highly amusing.

Oh and, Puppies have names; if that made any sense to you give me a call.

With Love From Carat Land!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Technically it's Monday but...

Rage of The Week!

From Monday February 25th:

"Bad Date Escape Tips:

Stare at your date with an out-of-body, trance-like look on your face. Then wince and turn away, like you're witnessing a bloody accident. Conclude with a look of intense concentration as if you are trying to improve the reception. Then calmly state, "I'm sorry but I have to go. You know I'm psychic right?"

I loved it, but I know too many guys who would completely dig the psychic thing :/

On to the real stuff, I was listening to a recent episode of Think from KERA in which Dr. "Deepsea" Dawn Wright was being interviewed about Oceanography, I'll skip the details because you can download it for free, and should. What got me was a listener question, a woman called in and asked Dr. Wright "Are you African American?" when Dr. Wright responded with an affirmative the woman proceeded to tell her "You sound very African American." This comment raised my hackles a little bit, in the half hour of listening I had not once thought "You know this lady sounds like she might be black." I did how ever think, this woman is well spoken, intelligent, passionate about her subject, loves teaching, and has managed to peak my interest in a subject which has never really been on my radar. The caller then proceeded to tell Dr. Wright in an almost condescending tone "Keep up the good work." I'm curious to know why this woman felt the need to inquire about Dr. Wright's race, what effect does it have on her ability, and knowledge in her field of study?