Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've recently wandered away from my internet obsession to delve into the wonderful world of yarn and Grey's Anatomy. In the tradition of being me I did this shortly after creating this blog, hence one post and then nada for a whole month. I have made a few thousand scarves though, and have even dared to start making a pair of gloves off of a *gasp* pattern.
On to the title of this lovely post, I recently had my lap top taken to the "computer doctor" and while he did a lovely job of installing the entire 07 Office Suite, as well as about 10000 other programs that I will never use he also wiped my entire hard drive of all poetry, writing, photos, music and even an essay I started for my English class last semester. The process of digging through back up CDs to find all of that has been unpleasant. Luckily most of it is back and I only have to re-rip about 50 CDs to get my collection in I Tunes back into shape. Today I finally took on the re-installation of fire fox, and all of the add ons that I had attached to it, there is one which I did not use before, but now after having re read the description I plan on using it, just one eensie weensie problem, when I installed it before I registered, but never activated my account. Rather than make a new email account just to register for a single extension I've deleted the program, and I am kind of disappointed.
Ugh I'm feeling all ramble-y so I will leave with a short list of things that make me happy:

Lush "Whip Stick" Lip Balm
Fuzzy Slippers
Eyelash yarn on sale for $1.99 a ball
and Super Sexy dark denim jackets

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