Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sorry about that...

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Here is a quickie rundown on the past two weeks:

5/6 - Last final, drove to Richardson to pick up Melissa, Drove to Austin, Hung out in Austin for a few days.
5/7 - Officially dubbed Jay "boyfriend"
5/10 - Left Austin, Came back to Waxahachie, Got letter from UH
5/12 - Drove to Austin again (arrived at about 1:30 am on 5/13)
5/13 - Went to Speed Racer with Jay, Autumn, Vikkey, and Kevin
5/14 - Drove to Houston, Spent day hanging out with Melissa
5/15 - Went to UH to talk to advisor, Spent part of day hanging out with Melissa, Drove to Spring, Dinner with cousin April and her kids, Went to little cousin Clay's last baseball game of the season
5/16 - Spent morning watching little cousin Colton while April set up for garage sale, Drove to college station, Ate lunch with Barker, Drove to Waxahachie
5/17 - Cousin Wayne's wedding
5/18 - Got new kitten and named him Shadow, because he likes to follow me around. He is perched on my shoulder right now, and it is adorable.

I have some pictures I promise I will post them eventually, right now I'm trying to get through the 300+ blog posts in my google reader.

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