Monday, May 5, 2008

O Hai!

We're still blaming finals, but it's all over tomorrow.

Knit wise I've managed three dishcloths, and this:

Amazing huh?

For those of you who aren't Joss Whedon whores, that is a Jayne hat. I loves it!

I also (finally) finished and mailed off my portion of Merrie's traveling scarf:

There it is hanging out with Ingrid Bergman's puzzle-fied face.

Tomorrow I head for Austin, expect little in the way of information for several days, and then a long and very picture heavy post when I return, and possible a lot of squee-ing


nomadshan said...

Congrats on almost being finished with finals. And I love your Jayne hat!

Ilana said...

Nice hat!
Have a nice vacation!

Bektold said...

Love the hat! Some day I'll get all the WIPs cleared out, and then I'll try one again- with a pattern this time!