Monday, February 25, 2008

Making up for last week

Last week I was hiding, and making a pair of lovely fingerless gloves, which I will post a picture of later.

So here is the Happy List I was supposed to post last Wednesday:
5 completely random things that make me happy:
*Converse shoes at Target.
*Finishing a knitting project, wearing it, and having a complete stranger compliment it.
*Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream
*Really good lotion
*Singing Avenue Q songs with your best friend while stuck in traffic.

Thursday I was going to post something called "Thursdays are for things that drive me crazy" but then I got distracted by something shiny: thumb gussets. So...

It drives me crazy when you are working a pattern in a book, and the author uses an abbreviation which they do not define. I had to set my work down in the middle of a row and look it up on

By the way "Thursday is for things that drive me crazy" will probably be a regularly scheduled event

Saturday Melly and I went to the DMA to see the J.M.W. Turner Exhibit and it was lovely, and it will tip me back towards an A in my lit class.

Sunday Rage of The Week:
Saturday Feb 23& Sunday Feb 24

"Weekend Project:
Bond with your bad girl granny!
Your grandmother will be thrilled and delighted when you reach out and treat her like a bad girl friend. Be sure to take notes. You'll not only be laughing a lot, you'll be learning a lot.
*Sneak her cigarettes and bourbon
*Ask her to tell you all of her secret bad girl desires.
*Join her knitting circle and teach her friends to knit skimpy bikinis.
*Help her set up her computer and keep it running smoothly.
*Ask her to tell you that "I was a lesbian once, during the war" story again.
*Take her and a few bad friends to a racy movie, or badder yet, Chippendales.
*Road trip with her to Vegas!
*Give each other home perms.
*Swap dirty jokes.
*Swap pick up stories, tips, tricks, and techniques."

Now it is Monday, and I am fairly certain that this is the longest post I have made in this blog so far.

Melly - I changed the comment settings so that you can leave one if you like.

So now onto my next new regularly scheduled event: Monday Mania, where I tell you about something I'm going gaga for!

This week I'm all about bamboo knitting needles. for a long time I thought they were over priced and blah blah blah, and then I cast my newest project onto a set of bamboo circular needles, and I am in love with the feel of them.


Kat said...

Its so cool to get as little peek into whats going on in your life. An english major huh? I've been debating turning english myself. give me a call and lets discuss.

Carat said...

sure thing on the phone call sweets, I'm usually available after 12:30 during the week when is a good time to call you?

Candice said...

Ben & Jerry's half baked = the shiznit.

Your knitting is getting me all worked up. I'm inspired. Show us some pics!