Thursday, February 14, 2008

Walking on a Windy Day

After my incredibly (not) entertaining World Lit Exam this morning, I decided that it was a beautiful day for a long walk. I spent about an hour wandering around 'Hachie with my head phones on, and a play list with some of my favorite songs. I'm going to call it compensation for the fact that I fully plan on eating 5 pounds of valentines chocolate while hanging out with Melly this evening. I also took advantage of the time to mull over questions of plot, character, and motivation for my WIP, altogether I think it was a worthwhile venture.

So here is the plan for the evening: I go to Melly's with my brand new shiny copy of Chocolat in hand as well as any other romantic movies I can scrounge out of my collection, and we watch them. Mean while we bake brownies cook up some salmon and enjoy our single-ness together. Sounds like a perfect valentines day to me.

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