Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been out...

Ok, so I've been back from Avery from a week and haven't posted so here is a run down of the past week+:

+Little cousin Colton is 6 months old and adorable
+Grandma's big freezer broke down, thank God!
+Taught Taylor(10 year old cousin - girl) to cast on and do a knit stitch
+Accidentally drove to Oklahoma while trying to come home, and was pissed.

+Finished the French Market bag
+Camera gave up the ghost so you will not be getting pictures of anything for a while yet.
+Got a lot of work done on the Green and Black Afghan
+Cast on criss cross garter
+Cast on white scarf for Grams/Peggy
+Soy Socks!
+Went to the Shabby Sheep, and loved it. I'm going to try and drop in sometime for PJs and Purls
+Made a seed stitch scarf for Grandma out of the bamboo yarn (originally it was for me, but I thought she would like it so I gave it to her)
+Made a bib for Colton

+Made a B on the Western Civ mid term
+Now have to write 4 research papers (hence being on the internet...)

+Am currently back logged with research papers and other school stuff, eventually I will get some fun(ha!) writing done.

+I still don't have one ;)

We should be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Much love from Carat land!


Kaessa said...

Many works in progress! Good to see I'm not the only one. :)

Carat said...

I have knitting ADD