Monday, March 10, 2008


Duct Tape is kinky, don't ask me why.

I missed yesterday so:

Rage of the Week!

From Tuesday March 4

"Note To Self:

Sign up to be an orgasm donor
Freeze a few eggs until I'm ready?No.
Freeze a few men until they're ready?Yes!
Always use birth control - never use mirth control!"

The last bit was kind of eh, mirth control? but I liked the rest of it.

and for the Knitting Update:
I didn't get a whole hell of a lot done this week. I finished the pine needle gloves and worked about a foot and a half of Tin's scarf. I also created a pattern that involved way too much thinking, but that's relative because I was drunk at the time.

Next week I'm heading to the middle of freaking no where for spring break, so if I don't post it's because I have no internet connection.

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