Sunday, March 2, 2008

Technically it's Monday but...

Rage of The Week!

From Monday February 25th:

"Bad Date Escape Tips:

Stare at your date with an out-of-body, trance-like look on your face. Then wince and turn away, like you're witnessing a bloody accident. Conclude with a look of intense concentration as if you are trying to improve the reception. Then calmly state, "I'm sorry but I have to go. You know I'm psychic right?"

I loved it, but I know too many guys who would completely dig the psychic thing :/

On to the real stuff, I was listening to a recent episode of Think from KERA in which Dr. "Deepsea" Dawn Wright was being interviewed about Oceanography, I'll skip the details because you can download it for free, and should. What got me was a listener question, a woman called in and asked Dr. Wright "Are you African American?" when Dr. Wright responded with an affirmative the woman proceeded to tell her "You sound very African American." This comment raised my hackles a little bit, in the half hour of listening I had not once thought "You know this lady sounds like she might be black." I did how ever think, this woman is well spoken, intelligent, passionate about her subject, loves teaching, and has managed to peak my interest in a subject which has never really been on my radar. The caller then proceeded to tell Dr. Wright in an almost condescending tone "Keep up the good work." I'm curious to know why this woman felt the need to inquire about Dr. Wright's race, what effect does it have on her ability, and knowledge in her field of study?

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