Monday, April 7, 2008

Click Click Click Go The Sticks

My computer had a slight melt down, and this one is refusing to recognize my camera, otherwise you would have lots of pretty pictures to ooh and ahh over. In a minute I will try a restart and see if that helps at all.

This week in the wide wide world of my knitting:

I casted on a sock, knit the toe, frogged it, cast it on again, knit the toe and part of the arch, frogged it, cast it on again, knit the toe, frogged it, cast it on again... see a pattern? Right now it is a "sock yarn porcupine" I figured stabbing the yarn with tiny DPNs would make it more cooperative when I came back to the sock.

I've also cast on, and frogged my traveling scarf three times now, twice in one yarn, once in another. The first yarn is lovely soft, but the ply is so loose it has no stitch definition, grrr.

Tin's Scarf got blocked and is ready to send, as soon as I have an address (Tin?)

Dad's scarf did not get finished, but most of the felted rug did, including most of the seaming and weaving in of ends.

Of course my knitting ADD means I have cast on yet another project, a mesh tote bag. It's farmers market season here in Waxahachie so it should be quite handy in the near future.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Off to try the re-boot, and hope that the camera likes it.

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