Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wardrobe Mishaps

This Thursday it drives me crazy when I accidentally grab a pair of pants and stash them in my bag instead of a jacket. For those of you giving me an incredulous look: lemme 'splain.

Melly and I went to The Shabby Sheep tonight for PJs and Purls. Before hand I stashed some random items in my knitting bag, including what I thought was my old drill team jacket. Yes, I was on drill team in high school, I don't recommend it, you never know when you might end up made up like a prostitute, wearing a green wig:

I digress, I thought I put the jacket in my bag. It's made out of a light weight material and if you shove it into the bottom of a bag full of knitting stuff, a shake or two and it's just like new. In other words the jacket is handy, but it has a matching pair of pants. When wadded up on the floor, as all of my laundry is wont to be, the two look nearly identical to the hasty eye. So much to my chagrin, while sitting around knitting I pulled out my "jacket" only to discover that I had a pair of pants instead.

Oh and I figured it out, the answer lies in this:


Anonymous said...

OMG! You found the bunny song! AHAHAHAHAHA! I loves!


Anonymous said...

That was hilarious because it's just like something I would do. So did anybody notice, or did you get them stuffed back into your bag in time?

Carat said...

Melly and I were looking at a giant bin of sale yarn when I decided to put the "jacket" on, so I accidentally announced to the whole room "Oh crap I brought my pants." That got a few confused/curious looks.

Bektold said...

OK, this is odd. I was on the drill team in junior high! (Or, as were sometimes called, the "junior whore corp.")

I don't think I've ever accidentally packed a pair of pants instead of a jacket, but every once in a while I don't sort my laundry carefully enough and a sock (or embarrassingly, a pair of panties) will fall out of the leg of a pair of pants that I'm wearing!