Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Urrgh Arrgh

Research papers are taking over my life!

Because I am currently having a crap time writing a crap load of research papers there will be no writing update this week, cause I'm cranky. Instead I'm going to ramble more about knitting, because it makes me happy.

I finished the Mary Jane Slippers yesterday.

They are comfy toasty, and I love love love them, in fact I am wearing them right now. :)

Today I finally got Tin's Scarf off of the needles, and now it is time to block it, a project for tomorrow. Sorry loves, no pictures until he has it in his hands.

So tomorrow I'm planning to block the scarf for Tin, and finally finish the ribbed Maroon and White Scarf for Dad that spent something like 3 months hibernating.

Ok it might not be finished tomorrow, but soon.

Much love from Carat Land!


Candice said...

Just a question, but how do you keep count of your stitches?

Bektold said...

Are those the Mary Jane slippers from purl bee? I was thinking about making a pair. Or eight. They look like good presents for the girls in the family.

Carat said...

Candice, the stitches are the easy part to keep count of, they are all of the little bits of yarn wrapped over the top of the needles, it's the rows that get complicated. For simple patterns I don't really keep track of how many rows I've knit, for more complicated stuff I use a row counter or jot down where I am on my pattern every few rows.

Bektold, The Mary Jane's are from here and knit up in a couple of hours.