Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Which She Reveals Something That Makes No Sense.

I usually don't post more than once in a day, but I need this.

I can not tell this story in any sort of chronological order, so I will not try. This story starts in Houston on an unremarkable day in July. I was in the city to pick up a kitten and have lunch with two of my nearest and dearest, we will call them A and B for now.
I was slouched in a booth next to B, A was sitting across the table, and the conversation turned to nipples. And I took what had been a perfectly light and lively discussion of anatomy and twisted it into something bleak. “You know, my nipples got darker recently.” I said, it seems perfectly innocent, a simple thing really, but it was only a preface. I had just poked the tip of an iceberg into our conversation, and we were about to hit it head on.
“Really, do you know why?” A asked, sucking on an edamame shell.
“Yeah…” I paused, thinking, how do you say it? There was no handy euphemism, despite my southern roots I could find no series of words to make the truth any softer.

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