Sunday, April 6, 2008

I meant to I swear!

I had every intention of posting this on Friday, but shiny things, ya know?

Ooh look, a butterfly!

Oh sorry I was posting something, what was it?

Ahh yes, this week my recommended reading is this: I Has A Sweet Potato which at this moment in time is about the right speed for me, my brain is operating not so well.

Give me a few minutes and I'll post this weeks Rage for you to enjoy.

Half a pint of Blue Bell Later:

Rage of the Week!

"Snip 'N' Save: Creative Ways to Break Up

* Stash a box of pantyliners in his medicine cabinet.
* Blow up photos of the two of you, frame them, and place in every room of your house. Hang one from your rearveiw mirror to seal the deal.
*Flirt with his sister.
*Tell his best friend that he is secretly in love with him.
*Invite all your bad girl friends over to his place during Super Bowl Sunday for a gab fest.
*Call his mother every day.
*Fake your death and move to another country."

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