Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thing and Knitting

My eyelashes drive me crazy, yes I know they are long and pretty, yada yada yada, but they get into everything, like cat hair. When I say everything I mean everything, not just my eyes, which is frustrating. Earlier I was eating a bowl of ravioli and I found one in that; why can't my eyelashes stay attached to my face, where they belong?

On to the knitting.

Over the last week or so I got a lot of stuff done, I finished the scarf for my dad on his birthday:

I also finished the "Felted Rug;" it was a disaster:

So I cut it into pieces:

I made a scarf out of Baby Llama, which is deliciously soft, and needs blocking.

I also restarted the cursed sock, and made a colossal mistake while turning the heel: so I frogged it, again:

And once again made a sock yarn porcupine:

I got a ton of work done on the green and black afghan.

And finally I am done with all but the second handle of the linen mesh market bag:

I told you I got a lot done!

With love from Carat Land.


Kaessa said...

Sorry to hear about your sock and your rug! What happened to the rug? It looks like the washing machine ate it. :(

Carat said...

Pretty mush what happened, it was supposed to felt in one big peice, but the little pieces came apart in the agitation, so now I have kitty toys and coasters, oh and a very important lesson learned.